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Our Research

We invite you to participate in our survey, which will inform our research into stress.

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Access the survey, read the consent form, and sign up (if you want to!)

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Answer initial anonymous baseline questionnaire so we can build a picture of you and your lifestyle, which might affect how you experience stress

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Complete brief fortnightly surveys about your recent stress levels and stress management

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Insights shared confidentially on our website (only if you give us permission!) to help others in managing their stress

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Additional follow-up survey every 6 months measuring social support and health outcomes

Understanding the survey.

You will be able to access the survey from the button below, where initially you will be asked a few questions about who you are so we can build a picture of you and your lifestyle. We then invite you to complete a series of regular online surveys each fortnight, that will require just a few minutes of your time. 

The information we gather will tells us.

• How stressed you feel
• If you feel like you are able to manage your stress well or not
• What recent events and experiences have caused you to feel stress 
• The things you’ve done to help ease your stress 
• If you’re experiencing symptoms of exposure to stress 
• The impact of stress on your usual day-to-day life

All surveys are confidential and anonymous, and with your permission, your insights may be shared on our website as the study progresses, shaping our understanding of real-life experiences with stress and stress management. The information captured will aid our research into understanding stress and resilience.

Once every six months, we will send you an additional survey that measures social support and health outcomes, as we believe these things are linked to the amount of stress you feel and how you manage it.




Ready to help us help you, and many other Australians manage stress better?